Keeping up with Jennifer Kirby

Jennifer Kirby

Jennifer Kirby is a runner, reader, believer, writer, and owner/designer at Jennifer Dare Designs on Etsy. She lives in Pinehurst with her husband and their two children.

What are you currently training for?
JK: Along with several friends, I’m running the Boston Marathon on April 18. I’m pretty excited to knock that off my bucket list.

How did you get into running?
JK: My grandfather, who took up running after retirement and turned out to have quite a knack for it, was my inspiration. Every time we visited he let us pick out a race T-shirt to keep, and he had a room full of medals and trophies, including some from the Senior Olympics. I always thought it was so cool that I had probably the fastest grandfather in Georgia. He’s the reason I ran track in high school, and I’ve been running ever since.

What’s your favorite place to train?
JK: I love all the trails in our area. The Pinehurst Greenway is beautiful and well-maintained, but the Southern Pines Greenway is my favorite because it’s so extensive.

What’s your favorite local race and why?
JK: Probably the Turkey Trot half-marathon. The half is my favorite distance to race and train for – it’s challenging but not all-consuming – and the Turkey Trot course is killer but somehow it goes by fast. Plus you have a chance to win your Thanksgiving turkey!

What’s your favorite post-run place to hang?
JK: If I wake up super-early for a long weekend run, my family usually expects me to return with a box of Granny’s Donuts.

What’s a training tip you can offer?
JK: Run hydrated. I don’t know why it took me so many years to figure this out.